Free Jpeg Images of Dogs

A gallery of knockout free dog pictures. There are many dog breeds here such as Bulldog, Alsatian, Beagle, Bull Terrier, Spaniel, Collie, Dalmatian, Labrador to name but a few, many more dog breeds to come. Dogs make very good companions and pets, and are loyal and protective to their owner. How cute the little puppy dog and how very playful and mischievous when young.

Working dogs of which there are many for example the German Shepherd, the Collie and the Rottweiler, to name a few, many tasks would be difficult without the help of working dogs.  Dogs man's faithful friend.
Free Jpeg Images, in the dogs gallery there are many knockout images. Why not use the dog images to make a knockout dog calendar, or use the dog pictures as a desktop image. If you are studying then why not use the dog jpg pictures for your work. There are free dog images being added frequently so why not add this dogs gallery page to your favourites! Interested in image file formats then check out the image formats section for descriptions of the popular file formats that are being used.

Jpg compression provides an efficient way to reduce the file size of an image. One of the benefits of this is the reduced download time of the pictures. Depending on compression settings when the picture is saved a greater or lesser amount of detail will be in the image. Image file size is therefore a compromise especially on the internet.

Even though a great many people are on a broadband connection there are still a considerable number using dial-up. The free jpeg images on this site have a relatively small file size so on dial-up they should display fairly quickly. Broadband is no problem. Enjoy these free jpeg images and maybe use them for calendars, desktop pictures or background images.

What does jpeg stand for: JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.

What is a jpeg file: JPEG is a file compression technique which enables image file sizes to be reduced by a considerable amount without any noticeable loss of detail. It is a popular format compared to other formats, this is due to the fact that the file takes up less memory.

Jpeg definition: Jpeg is pronounced "jay-peg" this JPEG format has become very popular, this is due to it's ability to save an image in a user selected variable compression range. Different image quality for various images, for photograph printing, web images and emails, Jpeg can handle all of them. This format would not be suitable for text. When an image is saved some of the picture detail is lost, this is called lossy compression, the more the compression the more the detail that is lost.

Free Jpeg Images of Dogs
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